So here we are, still enjoying the simple things in life, just being alive and well. It’s exactly 4 weeks since the crash and I am unable to rush, push, pull – doing my normal hectic thing. I just cannot do it at all. Instead of being overly worried, I begin to think that this is a pretty good outcome.

Proudly presenting K’s “Reverb”, not a great shot, but I will save that one for a photo with her in it!image image image

On the Beach

It’s great to get away, no matter how much I love home. Just a change. No hiking or major action this time, just a few days at the South Coast. We are staying in a holiday rental. Loving the books we find, the video tapes, the beach, the sea air, our own company. The dogs are beside themselves – we are staying at a DOG BEACH. They are getting so much excercise, they are in fact forgetting their dinner and just conck out at night.

image  image   image  image   image  image

Yesterday, Clare and Tony and Chris and Helen came for lunch. More dogs… Ginger and Bluey visited as well…

Dice games, naps, plenty of food and fresh air. Reading, fishing, playing in the sand. I feel as good as new already…

Tripple Top Down

Have not talked about knitting for a bit, right? Only mentioned tangentially that is has occurred. So this post is about knitting. Some weeks ago I posted two tutorials about top down jumpers – easy – peasy and no seams! And what a fit! Let me rephrase – easy when you know what you are doing (especially once you have finished the yoke) and when you have the right measurements and yeah – peasy and no seams!

So the reason the jumper tutorial ended where it did was because I probably re- did that section, the yoke, about uhm FIVE times. Yepp. And that is because each time I knitted it, I described in more detail to myself (and for the crowds following this blog 😜), I improved it, clarified it, tweaked and twisted… I am very happy with what came out of the exercise.

Show and Tell Time? So what do you think is in these bags?image

It’s hardly any shopping,  Ok, since I really hate shopping… another clue, here:image

Yesssss, my knitting projects! All top down jumpers/ cardigans! Let’s start with the first one, which is for myself!image

So I promised my nephew to knit him a jumper, and I started (said tutorial) and waited to fit him… And as I was waiting and waiting to get together with him I got very impatient to explore the whole top down thing, and what better way would there be anyway than using up this delightful yarn? So this is what I made – naturally knitted the whole thing FIVE times until it got to this stage! I will steek it and turn it into a cardigan, and then I will knit this over and over and over again, in different colours and with different detail – it is such an amazing fit and nice thin yarn!

So, next in line comes that said jumper for my nephew and I can’t help but sneak some photos in from our rendezvous that we eventually managed to organise.image

image But back to the jumper for Dominic. I have improved the sleevehead since the said tutorial by adding about 12 short row shaping rows, I think it looks so great!image

So the body is crunched up and looks super slim  – but that’s just because I didn’t unload all the stitches on a 2nd needle for the photo shoot… Sorry… One set on thee stripes on one sleeve only… Cool cat. More photos upon completion.

So, the last bag contains something for my colleague who scored a job at Monash University, and it will be cold in Melbourne when she gets there in July. She is leaving her old job (with me, sob, sob…) in May, so I thought I better slot this project in pronto! Of course I was going to design something special, but then, considering my rate of re- knits of every section, I thought it was prudent to opt for a commercial pattern. I looked for something feminine, yet feminist and decided on this one – Reverb – by Brooklyn Tweed. To be honest, I fell in love with that old truck just as much as with the cardigan!

I saw, I downloaded, I cast on…

And have sped ahead with this top down raglan ( in Bendigo wool, needless to say, found it in the stash)  – it’s a miracle how fast a project grows without being unpicked all the time!image


So I have been getting on with it. Losing my mobile (thus all my phone contacts sice no – nothing was backed up), putting strange things in the bin (… That didn’t belong there at all…), on Wednesday I noticed my concentration wasn’t so good, and I started having pains in the neck, back, head. Thursday I found myself at lunchtime in a sorry state since I had stared at the computer for 4 hours with very little to show for. So I went to the doctor and she thought I was physically ok, but very stressed. Yeah, definitely. Amazingly, I have taken it easy. Not worked on the weekend… I think apart from being stressed about the accident, I have been stressing about falling behind with stuff… So – plenty of knitting on the verandah, dog walking, visiting Jo in her new URBAN environment… Sleeping, watching movies with the kids… Also a little sewing- for myself! I promised the TAFE girls to do a skirt on Tuesday, because I found this tutorial in one of my sewing books on how to whip up circular skirts/ wrap skirts, all without pattern! Yesss… I have left it on the stand for now, for the hem to drop because there is obviously a lot of sections on the bias. I bought this fabric in Berwick St, London – whilst I was buying fabric for a show – and that was BEFORE I got married!!! image


… and for just a moment, the world stood still…

I left work on Friday afternoon, there were a few things on my mind niggling, but nothing more than usual. Travel applications taking too long time to prepare, going through never ending references for that paper that is still in draft process… it started to rain… and I lost control of my car… and for a moment the world just stood still. I observed from a birds eye view what happened to my car (with me in it) and my jaw dropped. “I am loosing control of my car”, “I cannot regain control”, “O my, I am leaving my side of the road”, “Well, now I am on the other side of the road”, “Look at that oncoming car, I bet he won’t be able to stop before hitting me”, “no, he HAS hit me”, “Well, now I am spinning in my car”, “there is a pole, I am bound to hit it”, “I did hit the pole, thank God my car has finally stopped”.sad days for the Suzukisuzuki smashed The great news is: nobody got hurt. Major miracle. And more: Sue and Michael were with me in 15 minutes, Patrick arrived just shortly after. And while I was waiting for them, a lovely stranger stopped – young man – and just looked after me and the other driver in every way. Minor miracle. And it stopped raining while I waited for the tow truck!!! So much grass got ripped up. The car is a gonner. Smashed. Distorted. Bits fallen off. Windows smashed. Nobody got hurt. Nobody got hurt. I did not hurt anybody… I never thought what it might feel like to harm somebody with my car, by accident or due to my fault. I have started thinking how that might feel. Not nice. Very difficult to live with. I am ok. I walked to the hair dresser. I only seem to get hair cuts when disaster strikes. The last haircut I had was after getting Patrick out of hospital with the kidney stones. Left him in a morphine stupor on the couch for the kids to look after and had a hair cut… I drove to the shops to do the weekly shopping yesterday and was ok. Drove Jo to swimming today and felt fairly sick. I worked from home today. Nobody got hurt. I lost my phone. Just email me. Nobody got hurt…

Cooking for Friends

I do love cooking, especially on the weekends, and for friends. It’s very nice to treat friends to a good meal, relax together and see what sorts of conversations emerge. It is especially exiting to have people over who don’t really know one another…

Yum… Do look… And all this was cosumed during the sunset on the balcony… Actually, I didn’t take pics of the finished product!!! but you can see how much I enjoyed the process…imageimage image image