Adventure in Berrima

Berrima is a tiny historic village in the Southern Highlands, about 150km from Sydney. I had an amazing day there this week. So this is one of the things I was really exited about that I hinted at in my last post.image


imageimageA friend’s husband was directing a music video and had asked me to do costume and a bit of production design. He had hired an amazing cinematographer, crew and a lovely actress and worked himself incredibly hard to organise the shoot. So finally the big day came and it was wonderful to work with a group of creative people towards a common goal, think on your feed, get stuff done.


imageimageimageSo there you go – amazing experience, makes me want to go back where I came from – costumes for films, shows… we will see…

Autumn Leaves

It’s not like there isn’t anything to talk about – so much has happened in the last few weeks and so much more is about to happen in the next few weeks… but I am a bit superstitious and am afraid of jinxing what lies ahead.

So in the meantime, while all this exiting and enjoyable stuff is happening I will just post these amazing autumn leaves from a tree in front of my office. Be well.


Proudly Presenting: The most wonderful top down cardigan

Hi, I will do what I say I will do: presenting proudly the cardigan, top down with fitted sleeves and done, re-done, frogged, ripped and knitted with the stamina of determination. I am over the moon with it!!! image image This project would have been going on since February.

I am so pleased with the entire fit, how the sleeves are fitted elegantly, the lace pattern, the front button band. And the buttons! I love the buttons. I felt like being different, so I grouped them – two together. The sleeves are long enough, and slim enough to fit into a winter coat… everything is perfect. I freaked at blocking stage because all of a sudden (when it was soaked) this cardigan looked enormous… but it shrank again. Phew.

This has been a long weekend, so an extra day to chill and play. On day one I did a 3.5hr dog walk with my husband and it was soooo very nice to catch up, get fresh air and exercise and chill together. 20150606_072948 And to casually come across some very contemporary art by a young, up and coming artist in unexpected places.20150606_075404 20150606_075453 20150606_082159 20150606_082341(0) Then Sunday we mounted an expedition to the Blue Mountains and we did a 16km walk with 4 kids… unbelievable scenery and physical challenge. Technology failed us and no photos are available for this post – but believe me, it was magic! We saw a lyrebird! This is obviously an image from google (technical issues…) – but it is really rare that one can see these in the wild. We were very lucky.We all slept well and had a quiet day today. And a beautiful sunset to finish the day.20150608_172750


This was going to be a winy post, about the cardigan I ripped, re-knitted, ripped (etc) and now finally finished and it is a little bigger than I had hoped. MAJOR drama in my little life…

BUT NO – there is so much else to share – I went to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra at the Opera House last night and wow it was fantastic! So much energy and sophisticated stage craft.20150530_222046 20150530_210954 20150530_222105Check out some of their videos. Hilarious.

Guest artist Mojo Juju was also terrific. What an utterly uncompromising performer… inspiring.

When we walked to the train station, we were able to enjoy some of the Vivid light installations. Here are some shots of the Contemporary Art Museum.20150530_225434 20150530_225446 20150530_225450

So here a few images of that cardigan that made me feel all wound up and made me wind up for the next few cardi drying

So here is the winding up location.winding yarn

Here is some merino 2 plyin the shade of ‘Magnolia’ – it’s going to be a lace shawl that I will knit in tandem with Sue (since I couldn’t even figure how to do that particular cast on…).winding white yarn

And this is the alpaca that I ordered for my gift voucher won at the Knitters Guilt, this shade is ‘Jade’. I was thinking of another small fitted cardigan…Jade Alpaca

And these are my flowers. image

Mothers Day flowers (red roses in the middle) are just about on their way out, last weekend I got a beautiful bunch of Lilys from my husband (just like that…), they are about to open and the closed Lilys are from Little Red Riding Hood (aka Sue) who braved a visit to poor sick me (and Jo) on Friday, despite us having horrific head colds. She DID bring a basket, with fresh home made scones (plain and savory), whipped cream and home made jam – but all was gobbled shortly after her arrival, in any case before way before it could be documented…

I can’t wait for that red cardigan to dry…

Lucky again

I must say, I have won a number of raffles over the years… sometimes (twice!) even the BIG prize. This Monday I won a minor prize at the Knitters Guild’s Biggest Morning tea, while I was at work! A gift voucher, a skein on beautiful alpaca and some lovely hand creams. Aaawww…image

Our family has grown again, my daughter’s friend has moved in for the week because they are doing work experience. Wow, one extra kid seems to add to the workload exponentially, but also there are more hands with cooking and washing up – overall it’s wonderful, the extra chatter and carry on…image

I took the TAFE girls to an excursion at Opera Australia yesterday. It was so wonderful – they all want to do work experience there! I worked there 15 yrs ago, when I came to Australia, just about everybody I knew back then has left now. But they are looking for tailors!!! And my contract at uni comes to an end in July… Hmmm…biblebraidwigs

And when I took the train home, I was able to enjoy the Vivid festival in Chatswood – funky light installations and very loud music that sounded like Whale song…   light festival


Going into Winter, and Proudly Presenting a few things…

Being a knitter, originally from the cold Northern Germany (and having spent many years in Scandinavia…) I love the onset of autumn and winter here in Australia. Finally I get to wear my cardies and jumpers again, usually one or two new pieces that have been on the needles in the sweltering heat of the  summer. So here is K modelling her brand new Reverb cardi, in front of her massive “still to do list” before finishing up this job and moving to Melbourne.image I decided to give it to her before the big good bye, since then I still have the benefit of seeing and adoring her in it…

Then I made this one very quickly. It’s Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston. I felt the need of color injection into my wardrobe, and I have stopped wearing this cardigan, because it’s just too big. imageSo I just unraveled, straightened the yarn and cast on… image I am really pleased with this outcome, and have even redone the lace collar already, it had started going floppy already during this first week of wearing it and consequently the entire cardigan was flipping and flopping and gaining in length every day. It was a tricky operation, because I left the lace button band in place whilst fiddling with the collar… We are a two car family again. So I have got wheels once more. So I stayed dry, while this deluge in Sydney went ooon and ooon. So now I can drive by the supermarket after work to catch some dinner. So I can see my father in law more often again. All not to be snuffed at. Despite having wheels again, I will continue not to rush. Why would I? I have this to look at. image Well, I went on a bit of a cultural excursion with my son, last weekend. I still cannot get over how quickly (10mins) I can transition from the above idyllic scenery to this:image Anyway, We had a look at a student design technology exhibition. And guess what else I found in the same museum – ha! image I dread to think what it would have felt to wear this all day, every day… and wait, there was more – and entire exhibition on underwear… very timely, since I just started working on corsets with the TAFE students. To be truthful – all the above is LAST week’s news. It has taken me a week to find a photographer around here to take a picture of the red cardigan, so I didn’t press ‘publish now’ a week ago…

THIS weekend’s news is that it is Mother’s Day and I a stayed in bed until 11am! Then very slowly we gathered the troops, kids and dogs that is, and went for a wonderful walk at the water… image     imageimage

…while this friend was preparing a nice meal for us, ready for when we returned home.image


So here we are, still enjoying the simple things in life, just being alive and well. It’s exactly 4 weeks since the crash and I am unable to rush, push, pull – doing my normal hectic thing. I just cannot do it at all. Instead of being overly worried, I begin to think that this is a pretty good outcome.

Proudly presenting K’s “Reverb”, not a great shot, but I will save that one for a photo with her in it!image image image