Ooops, well, that was a long break…

I am a really bad sleeper, I do tend to wake up in the early hours every now and again and am unable to go back to sleep. When this happened just now I panicked “Yikes – whatever happened to my blog???”. Ha ha ha.
Nothing has happened to it, because I really have forgotten about it for 18months!

Well, home life, work life and life in general have been pretty full on and I simply retreated into myself. But let me share one of the most exiting things that has happened recently, and it is a nice way to continue from where I left it off 18 months ago. Lambs of God won a heap of awards at the AACTA and (tatatataaaaaa) costume design was one of the winning categories!

It was the icing on the cake, great that this movie, which was so much fun to work on, got the recognition it deserves!

The other thing that was really awesome about Lambs of God was the fact that I spent a few days on the film set, in the costume that I made for the body double, and I was a hand model for one of the actresses! With hand make up and everything.

Originally I got hired to do some of the knitting on camera. I took this very seriously. Because a week before I was due to do this on the set I realized that they don’t knit continental style, like I do!

I consulted various friends and YouTube of cause to learn to knit in the non- continental style… I spent nearly the entire week to get the hang of it… and ha ha ha – THAT particular scene was shot in 3 minutes. It was fun to do all sorts of other things on camera with my hands and the best thing was that when we watched the premiere on the big screen, my son kept poking me every time he spotted my hands.

I have no idea when I worked on Necrotronic, in any case – last time I wrote it wasn’t out yet so I would not have had these photos. It was a pretty fun story to watch on the big screen and I was particularly pleased that my youngest loved it, because our taste in movies is very different.

Well, there has also been some very serious work for the Opera…
… and some extremely serious work for Melbourne Theatre Company

A few good things have happened on the knitting front. When I went to Germany and England for a month with my youngest, we spent a lot of time on trains and I really got into knitting shawls. Here is number one and two – the third (really awesome one) I gave away very spontaneously without photographing it properly. Well, none of them I have photographed ‘properly’ yet…

I got the main color from Sue for my birthday. As I traveled on all those trains I simply kept casting off and crocheting a bit when I got bored.

I have also made a few sleeveless things… T-shirts or maybe tank tops or even vests they are called… no photos yet… it is best if I leave the knitting for a while, my hands feel twice the size than what they really are because I have simply been overusing them.

We also have had a couple commercials shot at our house. Here are some photos documenting the transformation of study, my workroom and the lounge!

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