Screen printing

I started screen printing early 2014 – a longtime dream come true!

Below, in reversed order, is the history of my prints.

And finally, Harlequin was seriously too complex for my skill level. I love result regardless of the repeats not matching exactly. It is more of a interior design fabric, since there is so much paint on it, it’s very heavy.DSCN7805


Here is another version of Jugend, one color (Venetian Red) on an old and treasured piece of khaki Linen. Here I learned to add vertical pattern repeats.brown on khaki hbrown on khaki





























Five Flowers is really an ambitious project for a 3 hour slot in the printing studio – mastering the repeat print (application of registration marks) and 5 colors! The results is a narrow strip of fabric with 5 repeats horizontally.cropped-dscn7734.jpg


Jugend is my first multi color print, the stencils are just randomly placed on the fabric.DSCN7666

Below is my first ever print, a tea towel, of a design found on the net, modified.


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