An old friend

There has been no shed activity, just work work work and on top of work a number of meetings relating to my first training of Ethics Primary School teachers. It is very exiting to be involved with this project. So for the purpose of this post, I am digging out an old friend of mine.

I bought this Guatemalan jacket in Germany about 20 years ago. I fell in love with it. It was too big, too wide in the shoulders. I didn’t care. I wore it for years, but 2 winters ago I just had enough of wearing this ill filling jacket. I can be turn it into a nicely fitted jacket, a bit more of a tailored look!

I took it apart, re- cut the sleeves, put darts in the back and the front. I had to remove a pocket to put a dart in – then I had to hand sew the slit close… Because the shoulders are the right width now, the sleeves are 6 cm too short. I have to find some black fabric for the cuffs…. all in all a HUGE job, but really worth it.

I will wear it this winter!

Here is something to cheer us up in this rain – Josephine took this picture a few weeks ago on a wonderful sunny dog walk.