Saved by the Promise of Joy

I have been saved from myself, from doing more of the same… from designing another quilt with stash fabrics, a regular and symmetric pattern, on a calico base, phew! I tried to go for lunch in Newtown on Friday, but the traffic was so appalling, I chucked a U-turn before I developed road rage and went home – via Material Obsession. After cuddling various wonderful fabric at my bosom, my eye caught Kathy Doughty’s latest book Making Quilts… the promise of joy.

That’s all I needed to find harmony again. The book is full of inspiration, and limitless exploration of design ideas, playing tricks with tradition, combining techniques and being daring and stretching one’s idea of beauty. Oh boy. I am still on a real high. It is full of and why not? attitude, just great.

So here is where I am at with it. It will be a feast of colors and contrasts and techniques. Patchwork, Paper Piecing, foundation piecing; applique, embroidery – the lot. And why not???

The design will emerge, I am sure, that is the part of the joy, exploring as I go. Planning a quilt, testing and trying the best ways to combine the elements. Here is a small sketch, which will not be executed… it’s ready to evolve.

Rose of Sharon

Hello! This my first Rose of Sharon attempt. My applique is not brilliant – nor is the quality of this picture… but I like sharing it anyway! I like the traditional bold colors and it doesn’t seem to matter in what way you arrange the basic elements – it just looks good!

This is another block awaiting a good home…  may be a block for the next baby quilt?

I have discovered pinterest! Now I can relate to my kids being mesmerized by endless chains of events on the computer… one thing leads to another and more amazing things are revealed without us moving , apart from the hand holding the mouse.