Bespoke Tailor, passionate hand – and machine knitter.

Maker of quilts, recycle enthusiast, lover of nature, hiker, philosopher and adventurer.

Living the quiet and creative life near the bush in Sydney, Australia.


My Happy Place

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done Swantje. I’m impressed at your new age skills. And it’s nice to see your materpieces online. I love the knitted wrap you sent to your Auntie! Keep up the good work. Jo

    • Jo, I think you are a m o b i u s type person, it would look great on you and you would carry it with grace! I am planning a few more designs. But since my strict anti – stash policy has been firmly put in place, I will have to come up with the designs first… and approve them for development – gosh, this is turning into local government-like bureaucracy!!!!! X S

  2. What about some pictures of your great knitted beanies for surfers? Wool or cotton for all weather conditions at Curly or Freshwater. Also now being worn in the highlands of Vietnam to look cool, and keep warm!

    Love my mobius, evenmore now that I can say ‘mobius’!


  3. Hi Clare, it was actually those beanies that made me think I should get used to document what I am doing… there are too many unaccounted creative objects floating around! So when that beanie returns from Vietnam, we will schedule a photo session. In the meantime, we will have you modelling that m o b i u s and Tony can show off the b e a n i e s !!!

  4. Swantje, I have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful designs and creations you have made and posted. I couldn’t help thinking you must have had many lives to have completed so many of them. You have great talent and thank you for sharing it through your blog!! Loved the knitted wrap. Would also love to see some close-ups some of your favorite vintage textiles you have used in some of these creations. Marisa

  5. I love what you’ve done with all the Japanese fabric offcuts. It makes me think of my days living in Tokyo and collecting all those bits and pieces. You have truly created a work of art!!

    • Just think – if we had never had that coffee in some local shop, and I had not had that small patchwork for my niece in my bag which I happened to show you…you would have never known that those small scraps at the bottom of your drawer really would have a good home with me… and that quilt would have never happened… and Colette would have never asked me to teach at the Bronte Sewing Room because she would have never seen that stunning quilt… and so on…

  6. Hi Swantje-Clare gave me this link to help me get in touch again. Love the pictures of your family and amazing knitting.Would love to catch up via email perhaps.Happy memories of Battersea days.loads of love Jojo James Tom Charlie and Rosie

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