Proudly presenting: Masterpiece

I made the Masterpiece for my friend Jo last year and had never seen it on her, but today she brought it along and I was sooo pleased to see how nicely fits. In the meantime, I have made my own Masterpiece out of cotton. I finished it 10 days ago and am virtually living in it.

Masterpiece is designed by Jutta von Hinterm Stein and it is a rather challenging project. It is a top down knit, where revers and set in sleeve are simultaneously managed at times… I did plenty of ripping. It’s shape is very tailored, which makes the look feminine as well as formal, which I really like. The edge around the front and collar is seriously something that requires a lot of patience and knitting needles! Stitches are picked up around the edges, then a 4 row band is knitted with mitered corners. And THEN one needs to  pick up the picked up stitches on the back and knit another 4 row mitered edge on the back of the work, which is then cast off together with the front edge (3needle bind off).

Masterpiece is well worth the effort!!!


True friends are…

…those people who really want to know what they can do for you and stop at nothing to do it for you, right there and then.

Sue gave me this old (inherited) dress form some months back, it is an adjustable one, so not very sturdy. I would like it to go to a good home, so for the time being she lives in our living room.

The phone rang last night and it was a lovely person in distress, needing her wedding dress in 2 weeks time. She happens to get married to a lovely man who I know from years back… so I said YES CAN DO.

We met this morning and decided on a design and I wanted to get started with making a toile. NO calico, no pattern, no lining… and NO WHEELS, since my car is presently at the panel beaters!

So I rang my friend and she organised a private chauffeur to take me to Spotlight and back home, after spending a good hour there!

I have cut the pattern and realised that the dress form happens to be (without adjustment) this lovely laddies’ size! WOA!

Thank you so much, Sue and Michael for always being there for me, in the right place, at the right time…


I Scored Again!

A few weeks ago we went to the Lithgow Ironfest, it was a huge spectacle with people being dressed up in historical clothing, Stempunk gadgetry left, right and centre, battle re-enactment and more… I bought a few raffle tickets and WON! The prize arrived in the mail today – earrings, cufflinks and a necklace from Skav’s Steampunk workshop. YAY! Really pretty jewels!

i also purchased my first quilt vintage treasure in a local second hand shop. Ten of these squares for $10. I could not believe my luck. Initially I thought I would make a big quilt, inserting new squares with vintage fabric, but no – I will leave this just as is, piecing it together, maybe using cream linen fabric in between the squares and a nicely quilted border…

And for the rest of life… “it’s complicated” as a teenager would flippantly comment. Enjoying my work is a blessing, managing a big house can be tedious but gives me deep satisfaction, being surrounded by so many good friends fills me with gratitude.

A Grand Day Out

I have had a very cultured weekend – and am very happy about that. It just goes to show that despite tiredness after a hard weeks work, it really is worth going out and / or mingle with friends and family.

Friday night, after my daughter’s basketball game (in which she scored quiet a few points 😻), I dropped her off home, gave her some money to order pizza and zoomed off to the Bondi Pavillion to see The Catholics. My husband decided we are not seeing enough life music, and he had booked tickets for us and a few friends. It was a grand jazz gig with a few familiar musicians and we will be back for more!

I did my shopping routine on Saturday morning. Now, I am a random person in many aspects, but one thing just NEVER changes, and that is the fact that I will be – no matter what – every Saturday at 8.30 am at our local shopping center in order to get a good car park. First I do my Aldi shopping, then the fruit shop, the butcher and fishmonger. Quick dash to the car to unload, then Coles. I am solid with that routine. I enjoy it. I write my shopping list on Thursday night if I have to. I love a teenager to help, but I am good on my own. This weekend Patrick came, and that was lovely.

So we made Guinness stew in the slow cooker and had family for dinner. And somehow I had some hours in the afternoon to do some serious knitting and for Sue to drop ’round and for us to catch up over a cup of tea and some awesome nut and honey muffins.

And then there was still the Sunday to enjoy! After a lovely breakfast with the young people in the house ( Patrick took himself to an all day band workshop), I took the pooches for a walk. On the off chance I rang my old boss Wendy, checking if she was walking and she was just that minute walking along my house on the golf course path! 😉. So I joined her and her friend and dog, we spotted a Powerful Owl in a nearby tree and had coffee at Wendy’s house. I then sprinted back to our house, suddenly being very conscious of the time, ordered my daughter to check the dogs for ticks, jumped into the shower myself and took myself off to a arty date with my fellow surfing buddy at the Art Gallery of NSW.

We joined a guided tour for the Olsen exhibition, which was just brilliant and also saw the Warhol before Pop. Now, I saw both exhibitions last weekend, and am so pleased I went back… they both are brilliant in their own right. Sadly I took no snaps of my favourite Olson works (the frogs….), but here is some amazing early Warhol for you…

As if all of this was not enough to be happy about! The heavens cleared after all these weeks of rain and we enjoyed a wonderful sunny stroll in the Botanical Gardens! 

When I finally returned home in the late afternoon, I threw together a meal that reminded us very much of our time in Nepal: cauliflower stir fry with paneer, tomato and peas. YUM!

And to finish off the weekend, those of us who do not have exams tomorrow went to the local cinema to see “Hidden Figures”. What an inspiring movie about some awesome and courageous women…

I am feeling truly blessed, and despite all this activity, very well rested… I hope you all had a good weekend! X



A Pouffe

Sadly, I don’t have the reference photo at hand, of the pouffe that inspired me to take up crochet. I saw it at Vicky’s holiday house at the South Coast a few weekends ago. She also had millions of granny square blankets, which inspired me to dig out a book of granny squares from my craft library. They are easy enough to make!!!

So I started on a few granny squares and found them very addictive to make and could not stop. Then I found a crochet mandala tutorial on the web… And instead of making a pouffe with a plain side and a seperate granny square blanket, I put the two ideas together: a pouffe with granny square sides!image

Two nights ago, I made a big cushion from calico. Stuffing the cushion with the beans from an old bean bag seemed to take longer than crocheting the cover, LOL! Last night I hand sewed the bottom of the side to the bottom of the cushion, and VOILA! A fabulous pouffe for our lounge room!

i have been working at Sydney Theatre Company for a few weeks. This is my view! Just stunning.imageimage

Easy peasy lunch business

I have noticed that unless I don’t eat TRULY well, neither body nor mind get through the day. I found this idea on Pinterest and have to say it saves my sanity.image

These are fairly easy to throw these together. Any veg or pasta leftovers, tinned legumes, cabbage, lettuce, bean sprouts, grated carrot, sliced onion, frozen Edamame beans, egg, poached chicken, tomato, cucumber, olives, tofu, feta… At lunch time, just drizzle some squeezed lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. YUM.

Store in fridge. Grab one at 7am on your way to work as well as a cup of tea and super grain muffin and enjoy breakfast in the car!

Another Levenwick

I have finished a cardigan for my niece. We celebrated her third boy’s first birthday and Christening today. Since I didn’t manage to finish Harriet’s cardigan for her birthday in June, I was pleased to present her with it today! It’s Levenwick by the formidable Gudrun Johnston. I made mine in red and have had so much wear out of it. And am always getting very flattering comments :).

I finished this one last night, so didn’t have time to block it. A jolly good steam had to do the trick. And I also didn’t have the time to make the little pocket, will knit it up and sew it on next time I see her!Harriet

I hope that the sleeves will ‘grow’ when Harriet blocks it, or I will have to extend them.

It really is her color, I love this pattern!