An old friend

There has been no shed activity, just work work work and on top of work a number of meetings relating to my first training of Ethics Primary School teachers. It is very exiting to be involved with this project. So for the purpose of this post, I am digging out an old friend of mine.

I bought this Guatemalan jacket in Germany about 20 years ago. I fell in love with it. It was too big, too wide in the shoulders. I didn’t care. I wore it for years, but 2 winters ago I just had enough of wearing this ill filling jacket. I can be turn it into a nicely fitted jacket, a bit more of a tailored look!

I took it apart, re- cut the sleeves, put darts in the back and the front. I had to remove a pocket to put a dart in – then I had to hand sew the slit close… Because the shoulders are the right width now, the sleeves are 6 cm too short. I have to find some black fabric for the cuffs…. all in all a HUGE job, but really worth it.

I will wear it this winter!

Here is something to cheer us up in this rain – Josephine took this picture a few weeks ago on a wonderful sunny dog walk.

2 thoughts on “An old friend

    • Hi Eva, I am glad you remember this – it is time to move on to a more fashionable and chic shape, I reckon. As I say, it is a huge job which I started 2 years ago… it looks nice on the stand in the work room, but it is time to move onto the coat hanger in my wardrobe and onto my shoulders with this new look!

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