Hello from the Other Side

Hello from the first days of 2022!

New Year’s resolutions? None. That is – no concrete ones. Not like “attending yoga once a week” or “drink more water” or “eat your Greens”.

What has been on my mind is the simple fact that I am not getting any younger (a polite way of saying that I am getting older) and whilst I am still fairly young – mid 50s – I am only a few years younger as my parents were when they died. It’s not haunting me, but I am beginning this year with a very strong feeling that time is my most precious commodity. Of course I have always know this – but I feel it very strongly now. I am a person with infinite energy, yes, but I am asking myself many times a day ‘do I really want to spend my time doing this‘ – yes/ no – and I make a clear decision and act upon it. It gives me a real sense of freedom.

We had a few days with all kids and dogs in Vincentia. We lived near the beach and none of us were actually very social. It was a type of social deep relaxation consisting of eating, walking and sleeping. I felt very relaxed after that. In fact so relaxed that I started cleaning our kitchen cupboards on the day we returned!

Of course we had a Christmas tree, and one person had even bought presents!

This will be another year when we are heading into the big unknown. The pandemic is anything but under control, even though our leaders want us to think that we are in a “strong position”. I really don’t care what the rules and regulations are at this point. I have been thinking about upcoming work and decided not to attend any fittings. Period. This means either not working at all or zoom fittings (not so good) – but this is me taking control and deciding on which risks to take.

On the creative side – there are tons of notes and drawings and certainly no shortage of ideas. Many unfinished quilts, many vintage knitting machines that want to be put together again after a thorough service, a few unfinished sewing projects – I am refraining from making a full list because that would just kill my mojo.

There is the one thing I have been wanting to do for a long time and that I finally did with a fabulous helper – I did some screen printing at home! It’s nothing revolutionary really, but it was just nice for Tom to go through the notes as well and point out this and that useful hint in setting up the work surface and positioning the frames. I really want to do more of that, yep.

2 thoughts on “Hello from the Other Side

  1. Very nice screen prints! Very Mid Century Modern 🙂 I like the colours.
    The realisation and feeling that time is passing fast has hit my base as well – i was quite unsettled by that feeling.
    Wishing you a healthy and serene 2022, whatever comes

  2. Thank you for your well-wishes – same to you. Re: prints: I actually just used an old print template I created ages ago when I did a print mini course. My print session was more about setting up the table, having all the scrapers and buckets etc handy, checking my screen works etc. The colors are a bit off-season, right? “Very chrismassy” was my first thought. Let’s keep young by trying a new thing at least once a month! Onwards…

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