The Year without Christmas

As the kids got older and older, Christmas has been less and less of a deal. This year there seems to be no Christmas in our home whatsoever.

German bikis – no way, it’s too hot to bake!

Christmas tree – no way – we are away over Christmas anyway

Gifts – no way, we’ve got everything we need

Just give us more health, sanity, time together. Thanks. That’s what it is all about. And the kids agree. We count our blessings, pack up kids and dogs, swimmers and board games and off we go to Jarvis Bay.

But before I go – here are some special moments from the last few days…

Pretty Birthday Flowers from our garden
Visitors during COVID lockdown
My favorite place in the world
Quickquickquick – finish this off before going away
A lovely stroll and catch up with Chris and Helen
But there is nothing quiet like the sunset over our home… nothing…

Stay safe and well XXX

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