No apologies

No apologies, no promises, not even intentions…

I used to love this little blog. It slowed me down. Made me put feelings into words. Frame images to reveal the beauty in the everyday. And above all – it kept my overseas family in touch with what we are doing here, in Australia.

What happened?

Well, Instagram seemed a ‘faster’ option to ‘communicate’ ideas and moments. And Facebook. And LinedIn? That one is funny – I only remembered a few weeks ago that I had a profile there, too and had not been on it/ updated it since 2008. I checked it out and there I was, research assistant without even a photo. And 50 people had looked me up in the last 2 months.

And, wait for it, I am trying to do the ‘right thing’ in building two websites. Yes. Just because that is what you are supposed to do, when you run a business, or if you have got skills. I have tried for months and yesterday it came to me, the realization why I have not managed to progress. Actually it is because I just don’t want another online thing to manage, maintain and update. And I don’t want to convert/ translate my skills and personality into something stylized that can be universally understood/ categorized and judged instantaneously.

Hello, little blog. It is nice to be back… X

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