Calico Messenger Bag

I have been experimenting with embroidery samples, to make them exiting, small samples that students could pick up when they are stuck with their project… and that could be incorporated into another project, eg a calico bag.DSCN9704 2

The bag hiccup certainly made me go into overdrive… I have explored a lot of stuff over the last few days – with the greatest intention to keep it SIMPLE so the calico bags would be suitable student projects – but I just couldn’t help myself adding DETAILS. Here is my ‘prototype’ – you can still see some of the magic marker lines that will disappear in the next few days (I love that thing!).DSCN9705 2

Here is the bag.DSCN9707 2

Ta taa – surprise when you lift the lid – extra pockets for small things and those pens!DSCN9709 2

And a zip pocket for your keys at the back!DSCN9712 2

And it is not too hard to do with my students – Mia made this yesterday – I just LOVE the fabric!

I was lucky to get a free ticket to see La Boheme at the Opera House last night. I have not been to the opera in ages… and I love opera nearly as much as sewing and knitting. Matthew and I cried through the entire acts II & III. It has never happened to me before (and I have SEEN opera galore), sure, the odd tear, but not like this. Not only was the production design amazing, but last nights performance was just so much more than the sum of it’s parts. Every artist involved gave their heart and soul, it seemed they gave their utmost, as if it was going to be their last every performance…

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 7.51.11 AMIt made me think that what I should do, when my 6 months contract finished at uni… is… what I really should do – is follow my heart and go back to making costumes…

5 thoughts on “Calico Messenger Bag

  1. no no no – I don’t believe a word! If you can sew like a goddess (which you CAN), you will find it so easy to embroider… just get some tutorials from the web and put your mind to it, I am certain that will work!!! I have used Perle cotton, not embroidery thread and I am fairly lighthearted about it, so not being too ambitious helps, too…

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