Back to Basics

We have not had heating, I mean efficient heating, in this house – for 3 1/2 years. Now it is winter, it is fairly crisp, I can smell the snow.  Can you guess how exited we were to get HEATING yesterday???

We got the guys installing the things and then, in the afternoon, half the house had no electricity. This was investigated for hours and no solution was found. We made do with a few lights, there was still hot water, and we were used to the cold anyway. No big deal.

The Ausgrid guy came at 7.30am and switched the lectricity off altogether. Fire hazard. Combustion hazard and what else… YIKES.

All I could think of was that the wedding dress had to be finished today! We plugged an extension cord into the neighbors over the fence – it is bright and warm in the downstairs work room on a sunny day like today. So I worked away, plugging in sewing machine and iron alternately. Jo needed the internet for an assignment – hm – so I got her to go to the nice people 3 houses down from us.

Patrick came home early and set up the camping stove in the courtyard… we don’t have to live without coffee! Yay! Cooking is another matter. Not too hard, but then there no hot water for the washing up… ok, we ordered pizza and ate from the boxes, no problem.

Now, at bedtime, the kids want showers. I will make a few phone calls.

This is fun in a way- incredible how reliant we are on all sorts of things.

In case you were wondering – the dress is just about ✅ done, just a tiny bit of hand finishing.


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