Knitting Soldiers

On my way home from a very quick trip to Germany I stopped over in Vienna for a day. It was a very easy place to visit – it’s small and quick to get to from the airport with a bus. Once in the city centre, you can get a tram to take you around the ring road to see just about all the sights. Then walking straight through the city centre takes only 20 minutes!

There sure is a Museum for everything in Vienna, it’s a hoot. But then the whole place is one big Museum, really… statues of major artists and politicians everywhere, historical buildings and monuments – you cannot look anywhere without feeling firmly tied to European culture!

Apart from sightseeing on the tram and aimlessly wandering about the city, I only had time to visit one Museum, which turned out to be an amazing choice: the Leopold Museum. I joined a guided tour for an exhibition featuring an old and a new master.

I really enjoyed Spitzweg’s critical social commentary hidden in his meticulously executed traditional paintings. And obviously enjoyed meeting two knitting soldiers!

The other highlight of the Museum were the paintings of Egon Schiele, who sadly died at age 28 – God knows what other amazing art he would have produced, had he lived to an old age!

And there was a lot of Klimt, Kokoshka, and so much more… I’ll be back for more…



3 thoughts on “Knitting Soldiers

      • there’s a lot of relatively modern architecture as well… i remember once i was there we went out to see a renowned social housing complex (the name of which my memory fails to recall) and we were lucky enough that we met someone who actually lived in it and told us a bit about and allowed us to take a sneaky look

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