Proudly Presenting TD #2

Well, TD refers to “top down” and TD #2 indicates that it’s the second cardigan version of a pattern I originally designed last year (and knitted up), and that there are more versions of this to come. BECAUSE I LOVE IT and it fits so well…image

This second version of the pattern is simply a little shorter and the front lace has got an extra vertical row of a small pattern. It’s probably not that noticeable to the uninitiated eye… Or is it? Here is a shot of TD#1 in comparison.image

I think this is going to be my standard pattern for ‘a little knitted cardigan’ – it is so very light (380 gr) and comfortable, both relaxed and smart… and by now I have the pattern fairly well internalized, so it’s not hard to make another one.

I used Barbara Walker’s method of top down sweater knitting as outlined in her book Knitting from the Top. I refined her method by knitting short rows on the top sleeve to create a perfectly fitting sleeve cap.image

So, both cardigans are knitted in the round and then I steeked the centre front and added the button band. TD#2 is knitted on slightly smaller needles to keep the shape better!

For all edges I used a rib that features purl stitches and the lace knit that occurs in the lace pattern.image

And with this accomplishment under my belt, I sought out something small and quick for my next project. I have always intended to whip up this lovely little Henley.image

When I knitted up a sample for the waffle knit, the pattern was very unimpressive and I had saved something more bold on Pinterest which seemed to work really well!image

And look at the reverse side, it’s very pretty, too!image

Have I mentioned that I have started a 6 month contract on the costume’s for Disney’s Aladdin? The designs are amazing and I am thrilled to be on Australia’s A team of costume manufacturing to realize them. The hours are long, the production scope is epic, the organization/ coordination of a all the making, beading, hand painting and other embellishment is EPIC, but it’s so much fun! :).


8 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting TD #2

  1. Congrats on the Disney job. That sounds amazing! I LOVE the cardie (again). Beautiful. So… have you written up this pattern for the rest of us mere mortals or do we get to live in perpetual knit-envy?

    • Uh, I HAVE written up the pattern, but only in MY size, which is a 8 or 10 (34″ bust). The intention truly is to make it available to everybody out there, because I could not bear anybody suffering knit-envy! But admittedly, I am not sure if the pattern is fit for consumption to people who are used to very well edited patterns, despite all my efforts to be very thorough and to adhere to best practice! But then, I have suffered through a few badly written patterns, to the point that I just took the picture and ran with it (meaning writing my own to correspond to the finished garment…). So… I’d be happy to send you OR ANYBODY ELSE the pattern and you can prove-knit it… Do let me know!

      • How about I document TD#3 with pictures, every step of the way, revise the pattern as I go… and publish for all to enjoy? I would hate to frustrate keen knitters with lack of clarity…

      • Yes, please! Our sizes match, and I’d be happy to cast one on for the team. ( the hardship, LOL)

        grackleandsun at gmail dot com. Giant smiles over here. πŸ˜€

    • Well, encouraged by grackleandsun above, I have done some editing to the pattern and sent it off to her to knit. YAY! If it is comprehensible to her, I will grade it to other sizes. It’s a really complex pattern to write up. The top down process is complicated to describe in itself , and then adding the lace to it – so that it matches… BTW, you did ask me about the skirt tutorial, obviously I still have not gotten around to that, but I will! Pinky promise (as we say here in Oz).

      • I have the top down book you mentioned – somewhere – and this inspired me to think about where it might be. πŸ™‚ I have a go-to top down raglan sweater pattern that I have literally made at least a dozen of over the years. Lately I have thought about adding interest to it with lace or cables or something… but I think I will wait for your pattern, as I like the set in sleeves. πŸ™‚

        We have pinky promises here, too, so I know I will get that skirt tutorial someday. No rush, I am not going anywhere. Just sitting here knitting away.

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