Sample Workshop: Durrow Cable (or “Found in Translation”)

Here is something (so I thought…) very interesting. I love cables. I love all of Barbara Walker’s books. I had never seen this cable before (here unblocked)Alaska: Durrow Cable

until I come across it in this cardigan on Pintrerest: Cable-y Goodness Cardigan- free pattern expertly modified

Turns out, this cardigan was knitted by an amazing knitter called Christy LS and she ravelled it just here. And it turns out that she is a woman of my heart, because she got inspired by this jacket (Alaska), and she seemed to really like this cable pattern by Jodi Green and she put it all together and – voila, this amazing cardigan was born. And what’s more – a fellow knitter asked her on Ravelry for the instructions of her modification and (hear hear) she didn’t have them because she made it up as she went and wiggled and wagged her way through the project. Wow! I like you, this is how I work, so maybe I am not all that weird after all!

So this is an incredible piece, a translation of ‘Alaska’ inspired by the Durrow cable, turned into a innovative, unique and coherent design.

What will I turn it into? Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Sample Workshop: Durrow Cable (or “Found in Translation”)

    • Thanks, Ruth! It’s not one you can knit while watching Breaking Bad… is one to knit while listening to the birds tweed – absolutely irregular twists and turns, but definitely worth it.

      On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 10:39 PM, textileshed

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