Proudly Presenting: Silken Scabbard

This project is finished in just under a month (including re-knitting the entire yoke in one size bigger!), I am so proud!DSCN7626

This is the Silken Scabbard designed by Jennifer Hansen. The pattern also features a lighter, short sleeved version. The yarn I used is from a donation I received a few weeks ago, it is no longer available… looking at the docket it seems it is ancient… It is half wool and half camel, very soft, and I just adore the color.


Surprisingly, I enjoyed using a ‘real pattern’ – though I got at times annoyed with the lack of explanation. One has to blindly follow instructions using a pattern, not question or query… it would have been great to have a few more photos on the pattern, since one of the “I just don’t get this at all, it makes no sense whatsoever… but am going to just do as I am being told” moments was when I knitted the underarm section. This sort of thing would have been helpful:


Actually, to be perfectly honest, there was an enjoyable aspect in following a pattern: there was the certainty that this was trialled and tested, that it was very likely to work… All I did was add 2″ to the sleeves and shortened the body.

DSCN7630I just adore the shape of the collar, how the entire jumper is seamless and how the cables give such a strong visual feature AND the varying size of the cables makes them integral to the shaping of the garnment… very elegant!

2 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting: Silken Scabbard

    • Thank you. I am learning to sometimes just follow… and sometimes definitely NOT. But the beauty about developing the patience to follow a pattern is also that one learns sometimes an entirely new approach or technique – something one wouldn’t have thought of at all – and THAT is great.

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