Men’s Grey Shawl Collar Jumper

DSCN7541Here it is – at long last! The ‘pouch’ is still missing, but I cannot resist showing this off already. I started on this jumper for Patrick in August, inspired by this picture (below).Knit......                                             I am pleased with the result! DSCN7543A few words about the collar:

I picked up the stitches along the V-neck and knitted in purl st, increasing  1 st at the beginning and end of every 2nd row. I also increased the needle size from an initial 3.5mm, then 4.5mm to a 5.5mm to widen the edge of the shawl as much as possible. Finished with a 3 st i-cord.

And here a few technical remarks about the “set in top down fitted sleeves” a la Elizabeth Zimmermann:right shoulder front and backFor demonstration purposes I left the invisible cast on thread (maroon) in the work: shoulder sts are cast on (A in picture below) and front and back pieces (incl neck and armhole shaping) are worked up to the point that the sleeve head stitches can be picked up (B in picture below).

Section A – B: The picture above has been taken just before the sleeve head sts were picked up (2st for each 3 rows knitted). In this section I performed some short row shaping in the middle of the sleeve head (twice) to give the sleeve head some roundness.


Section B – C: In this section I increased the sleeve by M1 on the sleeve side every 2nd row; so front, back and both sleeves were all knitted at once in the round (back an forth until front V- neck shaping was completed).DSCN7547

Section C – D: Here sts are increased on the sleeve as well as on the body (front and back) to shape the scye of both armhole and sleeve.DSCN7548

At D: The remaining body sts are cast on and the sleeve sts are left alone… from here the body is knitted in the round. When the body is completed, the sleeve sts (under arm sts) are picked up (same amount as cast on at D for the body) and the sleeve is worked in the round.DSCN7549

3 thoughts on “Men’s Grey Shawl Collar Jumper

    • Thank you! Not sure about clever… for the sleeves I just followed Elizabeth Zimmermann’s ‘Knitting from the Top’ – it’s all there, one just has to fill in the stitches fitting to one’s own gauge and then the size. I did knit the top (up to about C) about 3 times though, just playing with different M1s and shoulder shaping. I should make one for myself to really get the hang of it! Thanks for stopping by! S

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