Hexagomania and other creative thoughts

Look at what is happening…DSCN7249 we’re going totally potty on hexagons around here! So this is the quilt Esther has started. She got a bit tired with sewing the hexagons together, but she keeps covering new ones. (So I volunteered sewing them together….) This star is actually HUGE, she will not need many of these to make a quilt.

And this is where I am up to now with mine… as mentioned, I will try and merge it with what I have done before.

DSCN7250We have had a busy weekend. It was supposed to be really restful and quiet. My friend Jo dropped major food supplies to us, so that I didn’t have to shop or cook – and really just rest. So far so good yesterday – I even managed to play piano for 1.5 hours, now that we have decided to take the old darling piano (and not exchange it to an electric keyboard), I feel I need to justify that decision and make music again.

So today, our minds just spilled over with ideas for the new house. I think both Patrick and I felt initially overjoyed that we have a new home, and now we are really overwhelmed with the prospect of doing all that work to the house… and we don’t want to live on a building site for years, nor do we want to spent all our weekends working on the house…

Since dinner was cooked (Thank you so much Jo) we did heaps of chores and in between I went back on the computer again and again, to find carpet ideas, color schemes, drafted workflow charts (what job to do first and what needs to get done before other jobs can go ahead), looked for furniture ideas, handrails… you name it. It’s all in the head now (and on ‘paper’), we’ve got the vision, and we have prioritized. All we need to do now is DO it, one job at the time – no more feeling overwhelmed… we can do it.

We headed to Balmoral for a very nice walk… how many summer days have I spent here with the kids in the sand, under the trees, in the water… digging for gold, counting seagulls… beautiful spot.DSCN7279DSCN7280DSCN7276DSCN7282DSCN7281DSCN7275

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