Unbearable Lightness of Being

The unbelievable amount of tension that we carried over the last months (not having anywhere to move to) is just GONE. In the fast and furious unfolding sequence of events over the last week the unobtainable, the ever-distant-in-the-far-future, the unthinkable happened: we locked in a deal with an amazing house. All that weight off our shoulders – it nearly hurts… this relief, this ‘pinch me, is it really true’ feeling is too good to be true.

DSCN7151Yes, it is a renovator’s delight, and a 70s timewarp – but it is BIG enough for all of us, doing all the activities we are doing, in an absolutely amazing location – not only in terms of transport (kids walk to school, great for work) but terrific in terms of privacy and views.DSCN7157

So here we have the view from the front steps, can you imagine what it will be like to sit on the verandah and look at the sunset every evening?DSCN7155

DSCN7153And the dogs love the local bush walk, around the golf course to the river.

DSCN7158This is the first local resident we have encountered. Let’s call him Lucky, lucky to survive the dogs.

5 thoughts on “Unbearable Lightness of Being

    • To be honest – I am not sure the pool is a blessing. I hear it’s a lot of work (read: argue with kids about who’s turn it is…) and there is some cost involved. My sister in law also mentioned that high school kids stop using it altogether. Hope YOU are right!

      • Well, I am one who LOVES her pool. It is work, you have to scoop out the leaves and bugs and keep up on the chemicals, but I find it a very peaceful time, scooping the pool. Don’t know abotu teenagers – when my nieces visit, they love it, but they don’t have one at home. And when I was a teenager, we had a beach, which I never stopped using. So maybe it depends on the kids.

  1. Yay! I was hoping beyond hope you’d find something. We recently did the sell one place/get tenants out of other place/move routine and that was stressful enough. I hope you get to move in soon 🙂

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