Deeply happy…

We have been in our new home for exactly a week. Here you have a picture of the sweetest removalists ever, cheerful moving us even in the rain… up and down 50 steps. We started a new range of binliner fashion:

DSCN7311So here we are – so many flowers that friends brought as moving in gifts.DSCN7313

The kids have learned to operate the bar and have set up a bowl for tips.DSCN7316

Everything is ‘Oh so 70s’ – just wonderful. Yes, a bit worse for wear… but cosy and clean after the industrial cleaners spent a day here. Much to our surprise our furniture is not at odds with this style!DSCN7317DSCN7321

The double bass has found a new home – this is the study/ music room/ textileshed/ creative space with windows in 50% of it’s wall space overlooking the bush.DSCN7315 It is the hub of the home.

And here, my favorite ‘room’ – the verandah:DSCN7318

And this is the view!DSCN7319

It turns out that Lucky the water dragon is actually called ‘Arthur’ and he has moved out as the dogs have moved in – smart fellow! At night we sit and enjoy the sounds of the bush; frogs, cicadas and an owl. In the morning we are waking up to the sounds of birds screaming.

Patrick has spent one week at our new home, working out all the gadgets and what state of repair they are in. We are so lucky – everything is in so much better working order than anticipated!

We all feel relieved and are amazed how much head space we all of a sudden have for life and friends and … everything that is fun… I am deeply happy.

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