A night at Pryors Hut

We have established a nice routine  getting into The Wild without any major dramas. Well, it takes two nights of packing, Patrick plans the route, I buy the food, dogs go to the dog hotel and off we go.

Friday night we drove to Canberra, had dinner in the car and stayed with Patrick’s brother Chris and his wife Helen and (not so) early Saturday we left for Namagi National Park. DSC01832Look  at the dam!

DSCN6714Chris signs us all in for the hike. Amazing trees everywhere, the sky is bright blue, the birds are making a lot of noise and the hill is steep @)(&_%&@(*%^@& (a lot of bad language…).DSCN6732DSCN6733DSC01874Swantje and Chris

What a climb… some shocking numbers where thrown at me in consolation of my moaning under the weight of my pack… was it 1 metre up for 4 metres forward??? No idea, it was not much fun… much less than it is now, in hindsight!

We finally reached the hut.DSCN6742DSCN6743DSCN6744 This was to give us shelter against the elements in the evening. And it did. DSCN1012After setting up camp near the hut, Patrick and I climbed to the peak of the mountain, whilst the others re-hydrated the dehydrated bolognaise sauce I had prepared during the week and they stoked a great fire.DSCN6758 Unbelievable views! Kosciuszko covered in snow!DSCN6753DSCN6756 And little patches of snow right there in front of us! That was the drawing card to get the kids up the mountain top in the morning… but first a picture of a knitter on top of the world: to cast on or cast off, that is the question!

DSCN0998DSCN1026We were in bed at 7pm, well, most of us, not those guys who walked 1km to the creek after dinner to get water for breakfast. Honestly, I did not hear them return, I was out like a light.

Good morning, Chris, are you enjoying your coffee and your biscuits with blue veined cheese?

Magic ice crystals in the puddles in the morning.

DSC01871DSC01863DSCN1098DSCN1086Teenager on top of the world.  Bloody brilliant weekend!

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