Proudly Presenting the Joey

DSCN6771Fits like a glove, itches like hell (gotta find a skivvy and quick!) and looks spectacular!

I am very pleased with this one, let alone with whats on the inside :)!DSCN6767

We had a great morning walk with the dogs, Patrick discovered a baby eel in a little waterfall, and I enjoyed the moss graffiti on the rocks.DSCN6772

DSCN6567For the record:   The Joey

  • inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Kangaroo Pouch Jumper
  • turned hem with name and date
  • knitted with 500gr left over yarn (assorted Bendigo Woollen Mills) on 3.5mm needles
  • steeked armholes
  • top down fitted sleeves
  • to fit child (approx age 10 – 12 yrs)

6 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting the Joey

  1. Wow another triumph after a lot of effort and thought. Not only have you produced this lovely garment but you have produced the lovely girl to go inside it.

    • Thanks, Sue. At this stage I am not sure how much I have to do with the loveliness of the kids… they all are doing their own thing now and coming up with their own loveliness… often I am just in awe how they turn out!

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