Sleeveheads behaving badly

or… the tragedy of the fast and furious…

Lately I have heard several times knitters describing themselves as ‘slow and steady’ and it made me think that I would describe myself as a ‘fast and furious’ knitter, if not a ‘raveler’, rather than a knitter. Yes, more undoing of something nicely done. In case any of you have wondered what has happened to the Joey, the Kangaroo Pouch Jumper inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann, uhmp, it’s been the victim of the latest unraveling.

Why? Everything seemed to go so well, until I fitted it on Esther and realized that the shoulders are simply too wide. She looked like an American Footballer without her shoulder padding put into her shirt! Sigh. What to do? Denial, that was the choice for the last 2 weeks. Instead I started a hot water bottle cover for Vicky and a beanie for Patrick (now completed and photo will be taken on our weekend hike!).

Today there was a lot of rain and denial became unbearable, since there was no sunshine to escape to. Here were my options:

  1. Leave the jumper for Esther until next year, maybe her shoulders will have broadened by then significantly
  2. just let her wear it as it is, will anybody care?
  3. leave it in the too hard basket
  4. take the ‘signature stripe’ (the one around the armhole) off, graft the sleeve back on and be happy

I opted for option 4. Here you go.DSCN6706 Before… DSCN6712

…and after. But I have learned my lesson. When Elizabeth Zimmermann said I should measure across the shoulder and subtract that number of stitches from the number of body stitches for the ‘pouches’ and knit straight up the shoulder stitches only I was alert and subtracted a stripe worth of stitches from my shoulder measurement, so the shoulder would not be too wide. But I did not question the definition of shoulder measurement in the first place! And now I know it is NOT from one tip of the shoulder to the other, it is from bone (where the arm connects to the shoulder) to the other!!!

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