Two Afterthoughts

Afterthoughts… we are nearly one week back from our amazing trip…  we have resettled with a bang: work meetings, school, family food shopping and cooking, happy dogs, windy days, jet lag, parties… have we really been away?

Afterthought One: what a wonderful time away we had: resting, playing, eating, talking non-stop, seeing so many beautiful things in one month! Here some final pictures

Good buy noisy Hamburg!

Afterthought Two: I did get on with this cardigan for Rebecca on my trip (besides knitting 2 pairs of socks as gifts and two mini mobius) – and I am intrigued to see how the afterthought sleeves will work out! Have a look at the white stitches; on one side I have unpicked them already to cast on the sleeve! Isn’t this clever!?!? And look at the nice yarn my boss brought back from Scotland for me – yummy… something nice for myself is in the planning stage, maybe a little cardigan or waistcoat with matching hat… fair isle I should think…

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