Stashing Sadness

A friend’s grandmother passed away and my friend kindly donated bags of fabrics to me. I was filled with sadness going through these bags. So many ideas, so many patterns pinned to garments, so much effort, so much time and thought in these bin liners. Notes, who what dress was made for, what alterations to perform next time…

And a whole box of retro sewing patterns!

I know, I am lecturing to myself – but be warned against the stashing craze… I don’t want this to be me when I go!

This is topical, because I have been back from my trip for nearly 3 weeks and am spending a lot of time catching up on house, home and paperwork. So there is not too much head space for ongoing and to be finished projects. How do I deal with this – I start something new! Bad girl. I am using scraps for a English Paper piece project, something that requires no brain work, just stitch the hexagons, plan and play – execute the design (which will have evolved and changed many times) when I have enough.

2 thoughts on “Stashing Sadness

  1. Funny you should write this….as I am de-stashing, sorting, discarding and rearranging…and the constant urge to pick up a new project. My constant battle: Finish off every project, free up every pair of needles I own. Start with an organised, clean slate…easier said then done…

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