The Icing on the Cake

We left Hamburg in a hurry – I had remembered our train time incorrectly and we… left in a mad rush to the Hauptbahnhof in a taxi only to find that the entire city rail system had become unhinged with the finding of a WW II bomb in Wilhelmsburg.This meant that we had to take a S- Bahn and a bus to Harburg (along with the rest of the city) while effords were made to defuse the bomb. We got to our train and waited another 90 minutes to go.

But once we got to Wettmershagen all was well. Endless activity to set up for Gunters big bash. Alice had been baking for 2 weeks straight and filled the freezers. We still made more cakes and salads, swept the yard, the studio, went still countless times to the shops, kept cooking for all of us more beautiful food to enjoy and so on. We never stopped talking and eating, the kids were wonderful. The feast was a great success on a grand scale with 100 guests, a wonderful reunion. And Gunter stayed calm and collected. Then an afterparty, a day after breakfast featuring cakes and tarts… I’ll be fasting for two weeks.

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