The Dark Prince

This quilt was made in a hurry, hand quilted in the dark of the early morning hours and it is made in a very unusual dark color scheme… therefore I shall christen it The Dark Prince.

I did write about this project some months ago, how I have to hurry with personal projects so I can slot them into the workroom in between jobs – otherwise I never end up finishing anything… Now that the quilt is finished I care even less that it was machined together – you know, this is usually a job made by hand, with the English Paper Piecing technique.

But I turned all the edges of each hexagon by using a cardboard template and a hot steam iron and then I machined them together with a zig zag Stitch.

On the reverse side I simply patched some brown linen on to the wonderful hand printed fabric I made in a course many years ago. I like the reverse side a lot, I usually find it difficult to be letting my hair down, ie stop measuring and just going for it…


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