Summer Sashiko

I have decided to post a few tiny stories about what has happened in the workroom over the summer.

Some time ago I picked up some tiny sashiko kits somewhere on sale. I stumbled across them and had a go. It is very soothing to play with plain thread and plain fabric and turn that combo into something stunning.

Here is a sampler that will find its way eventually I to some quilt, I guess. I also played with Perle quilting cotton on linen – whilst it is a bit unconventional, it looks lovely…

This was so much fun, I decided to find a real life application for my fairly new shirt which started developing a hole on the yoke near the collar. I Put an entire yoke sized piece of cotton under the yoke, before embroidering this.336E1991-C768-48AF-AABF-50565662613F

Look out for your own sashiko kit (in the sale!) and have a go…


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