Interdisclipinary Cross-Fertilisation

The school holidays are over, and it is back to the old routine. I was working very hard in academia in the last two weeks; a complicated ethics application and then a last minute edit for a team’s grant application, a job through the research office. Very little knitting… but when I picked up the vest again – I knew exactly where I was at with it, thanks to Walter’s new regime of swatching, record keeping and instruction writing policy!

And now it occurred to me that I must really marry my two disciplines!

I started writing a real pattern for the red vest! And I will take pictures of all the details and publish them as a knitting pattern with tutorial in different sizes!

Not sure why this sounds so revolutionary to me, but you have seen all my previous notes and instructions for my projects, which I barely am able to follow a second time ’round myself; Timothy’s Bull jumper is a brilliant example of this. But since I am in stringent editing mode in my work at this moment, I will apply it to knitting, so others can enjoy the benefits! Watch this space!

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