3 Days in Hobbit Country

We have returned from the Wild!!!

We took off to the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains. We had breakfast in Katoomba, lodged a intended route at Katoomba police station, parked the car at Dunphrey’s camping ground (Green Gully) and off we went!

Track??? What track??? This was what most of the terrain we covered looked like! We were pleased to find the odd cairn, fix the odd cairn, build the odd cairn… a link to other hikers, strangers with the same mission.

And look at the 5 star resort we stayed at!

Find your own wood and make your own fire, if you want to stay warm.

And here is the ‘tap’ for all our water – we had a pump to filter the water from the creek. It was a bit smelly… but that’s all we had!

Keep your hat on in the ‘lodge’, since the 6 degrees at night are nippy! We slept from 8pm – 6 am, we were simply “zonked out”!

We went through amazing, and very varied bushland.

And saw some incredible trees!

We walked 34km in three days. Only on the second day did we have no packs, we left it all at Mobbs’ Swamp (the five star resort…) and scrambled on the top of Mount Dingo. Look at the stunning views!

And finally, thanks to the dream team of navigators, we hardly ever got lost!

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