Long Live Barbara Walker!

I had a look at the newly re- released ‘The Principles of Knitting’ by June Hemmons Hiatt. I downloaded a sample on my kindle. Not that I will ever by another craft book on the kindle… craft books are there to flick through, not only to read from cover to cover. But I will give this one a miss. June is an amazing knitter, she really goes into the depth of principles, it is just wonderful. But I don’t need it.

What I will dig out, now that I have taken the knitters oat (I do solemnly declare never to use someone else’s knitting pattern) I will dig out Barbara Walker’s books again. She used to hate knitting in college, she tells us in one of the introductions. But every fall she used to embark on a research project; I think she used to research astronomy and other serious topics. And then one year she decided to give knitting a go again – and she never stopped. The result are these wonderful reference books of stitches, some are charted, some are not. This is all I need. Lace, cable, mosaic… the lot!

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