Wrap cardigan (1)

Do you remember the wrap cardigan that started me in a weird sort of way to knit a scallop/ shell scarf? Well, I have started it because (justification technique picked up from teenage son) the yarn at Bendigo Woolen Mills was so cheap and also because I promised Rebecca a cardigan*. And finally – though I am not stuck with Timothy’s Bull jumper, I did get a bit bored with just knitting plain at the moment… I thought I deserved a treat and a diversion.**  So here is a quick sneaky preview of the pattern: It is very quick to knit. Picture one shows the pattern. Picture two shows the finished lace pattern which is created by letting one (every fifth) stitch unravel!

I do solemnly declare never to use anyone else’s patterns ever again – it just doesn’t work for me! It lulls me into a false security of definitely working much better than anything I could design… and then I do end up being a bit unsatisfied with the finished product because I don’t think the entire process through as thoroughly as I would my own project…

In this instance I had to use tiny needles and still ended up with a bigger gauge than in the instructions, so had to re-calculate the entire project (not a big deal). And now I wonder if the loose strands of yarn, that are forming the lace, will be any good – or will they hook into objects in day to day living, creating awful snags? Time will tell.

And I feel that this wrap will need an i-cord finish…

*”Rebecca’s cardigan?” I hear you think! “Surely it must be finished by now… but whatever happened to it… did we ever get to see a photo of the finished item?” Spot on, another case of creator’s denial… it’s fate shall be revealed in the very near future.

**Timothy’s Bull: going well, but I am waiting for the delivery of a currently out of stock cream to use for the eye. And I am dreading transferring my drawing to the intarsia chart…

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