The black and red theme continues…

Did anyone notice at all that I am employing a very polished example of teenage persuasion here??? No? Nor did I – nearly!!! The idea is NOT that I cannot buy anything really worth buying, the idea is that I finish what I have started before I start on a new project… See, living with teenagers makes you adopt their ways of thinking.

Here are some ideas for the new quilt… wonderful coloring in downloaded from this page… and fortunately I cannot find the grey silk that I have in mind for this one, tying in all the blacks and whites… otherwise I’d be cutting it all out already. And let’s put this project on hold for now…

And here is the Chicago Bull. I have to start this project… ordered the yarn a few days ago. This is no teenage excuse, this one is about keeping a promise. My 17 year old nephew Timothy has finished his HSC last year and he is now in Vietnam, teaching English in an orphanage. Before he left he said he really would love a jumper with the emblem of his favorite basketball team. What a man, venturing into a alien culture and language, embarking into the unknown for such a great project! He is coming back in August, so I better get on with it. I will make a saddle shoulder jumper, a la Elizabeth Zimmermann, it’s a great fit and fool proof!

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