Secret stashing up

I went shoe shopping for/ with the kids and saw in Big W some wonderful and cheap fat quarters – just couldn’t walk past them.

Have a look. So I washed the new fabrics (and stroked them) and went into the shed to find some nice things to go with them. And then I found beautiful blacks – different textures: rough silk, dull cotton and shiny stuff.

Who says I cannot use black in a quilt?

I actually made some little sketches on holiday… the next quilt is wanting to be made, the trouble only is that I have so little time to sit behind the sewing machine and I these days prefer to craft at my different outposts.

So here are some sketches I made – and as you can see, I am exploring some overall patterns comprising two alternate blocks. I usually get bored sewing this sort of thing, because it is too repetitive.

My colors in the sketches are obviously very ‘me’ – bright and random. How about trying something more purposive, restraint and selected???

Here are some blocks I found in books, I think the patterns on the fabrics are strong enough, so the blocks should be simple.

So, I have got plain cream on stand bye and red. Look at the red damask! I bought it in the markets in Samarkand (Central Asia) in 1989!!! And it needs a random splash of blue, the very last bit of my wedding dress…

The blocks should be BIG and BOLD.

And if I never get the time to making this quilt … it was nice to play with this idea. What a neat thing for a time-poor person!


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