Für Löwe

DSCN6549This is finally finished! Do you remember the plain cream long sleeved baby jumpsuit I finished about a month ago? It’s the same pattern, but I put in a stripe. You will never believe me (or may be you will…?) – I knitted the sleeves, and as I got to the second final sleeve I just had to face the fact that I didn’t have enough navy blue to finish the stripes in this particular pattern. (Yes, I did go back to the shop where I bought the yarn some time ago and no, they didn’t have any more of the navy yarn… only pee yellow and sweet pink). So, I thought that it would be very hip and rather fabulous to just swap pattern, like turn the last two stripe sections into red blue red… and of course it didn’t work. The best I could do was unravel the last sleeve to get some blue to finish the armhole.

I hope you enjoy this short sleeved baby jumpsuit which I have made for my second nephew, Löwe, who was born 2 weeks ago in Hamburg, Germany, who will hopefully not have outgrown this groovy outfit by the time it arrives there (with airmail, needless to say…). I had no idea that public shaming would have such a profound effect on me, you know, that long list of unfinished projects I published yesterday…DSCN6552 Here we have a young dog hypnotizing his tennis ball – it will surely move and throw itself to be retrieved by a keen dog any moment now?!?!?

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