Weekend Familiy Outing

I mentioned some time ago that our family members have a very individual approach to how they prefer to spend their spare time. In the long holidays, after our two short trips,  everybody did just that – did their own thing. So it is nice to get back into a routine doing the one thing on the weekend together.

We had tickets for Peter Pan at the Belvoir Street Theatre, and since we were thus in for an urban experience, we added a visit to the Carriageworks and saw a pretty amazing exhibition Song  Dong: Waste Not. I took some snaps on the phone camera, so these pictures really don’t do the experience any justice, but document the project.

The artist displayed the entire content of his mother’s house of the last 50 years. IMG_0753

She had lived through the most turbulent cultural and political changes of modern China and became a compulsive obsessive hoarder after the death of her husband. She collected everything, stored it neatly… and the exhibition displays the care for the 10 000 individual objects, and their great value during a time when the entire nation suffered an unimaginable lack of food and basic commoditiesIMG_0754IMG_0748IMG_0756. IMG_0752IMG_0751


These are no ordinary bars of soap – they were so precious, they were only used until they got soggy and soft, then they would be put into the sun to dry, since wet soap gets used up faster than (still) hard soap…

Though we got really stuck into admiring the individual items, the exhibition was beautifully arranged and aesthetically presented.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Familiy Outing

  1. Indeed, but in this instance, the objects spoke volumes about the different cultures China went through in the 50 years of her hoarding. On top of that, everything was so beautifully set out, it added another layer to the experience. My pictures don’t do the exhibition justice at all. Thanks for stopping by!

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