Sample workshop: E Z’s Open-Collared Jumper

I have been curious about Elizabeth Zimmermann’s percentage system for some time, used it here and there, more or less successfully. This sample is for her open-collared jumper (from E Z’s ‘Knitter’s Almanac’), the pattern is from Barbara Walker’s pattern book, it is called Ribbed Cluster Diamond. I will make it for my youngest daughter, she is tiny… should not take long.

As you can see, instead of ribbing, I am using plain stocking stitch and a 3 stitch i-cord to prevent it from rolling up. I want to trial this because it will mirror the collar and the placket (both in stocking stitch). No sample for either of those, I will be myself, full steam ahead and improvise as I go… sorry Walter (he is shaking his head).

The yarn is something I found in the shed, 80% cotton and 20% angora. Feels beautiful. I pulled the sample through the washing machine and it shrunk ever so slightly. Hey all you gauge skeptics out there: the raw gauge was 28st/ 28 rows to 10cm, the dressed gauge is 26st/ 30 rows – what do you say about that then, eh? It seems that the stitches have changed shape in the washing machine…

And what are the dogs thinking…? “Well, never mind us, we can entertain ourselves by eating this old soccer ball” and “Must you wield these sticks again (sigh), slim chance for going on a walk with you”

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