Hommage to a Proud Duck


DSC00551We have some sad news to share, Dory is gone. It is evident that she met her demise not through natural courses, which makes us shudder. But then, last August all the chickens disappeared, and it was probably someone like this who, did it.

SMALL fox in jumper frontWe got Dory when the girls were really little, so we had her for about 8 years, she was a ‘hand me down pet’ from friends who had drakes and they really mistreated her.

In the beginning, for years, Dory had the entire garden to herself and every time we came home we would play ‘spot the duck’. So she obviously was never a cuddly pet, but she had a lot of personality and really was part of house and home.

When we got chickens, we fenced a section of the garden (to have a smaller area to search for eggs and to contain the chicken poo to a small area of the garden) for them and put Dory in with them.DSCN3316That worked very well, because Dory had company.

And then there was the time the feathered friends were under attack by a male bush turkey… They got badly scratched and picked, all of them, and often Dory’s beautiful white head was red, and we were very helpless because bush turkeys are a protected species. Then one day, Dory flew over the fence, lived under a big bush in the garden – she preferred to share the main garden with our dogs, instead of being under siege by that pesky turkey! Whenever the dogs went for a walk, she came out, had a waddle, and inspection, a swim in her converted pond (old kid’s sandpit). The dogs never attacked her under the bush, they seemed to have that mutual agreement with her that that was ‘time out’.

The bush turkey went, life resumed it’s normal pace in the enclosure and then in August the chickens went missing. Dory must have flown on the shed roof and watched it all in horror. And now, 6 months later, it happened to her. She has just become very old and was not able to defend herself. RIP Dory!