Upcycling to Relax

DSCN9678It’s probably the most relaxing activity I can think of – playing in the shed. Without purpose. Playing with new ideas, having the time to pursue and trial, un-do, re-do, add, change. There were a number of things I have been keen to DO (as opposed to just ‘toying with the idea’), these being

  • much more upcylcling, recycling, re-using to make new objects, finding a purpose even for the tiniest scrap, button…
  • finding a useful everyday object to decorate and to turn it into ‘special’ – and hey, I am always short of notebooks!
  • less measuring, more approximating and going with the flow (I guess this is trying to move away from my roots as a tailor, where every 1/8 or even 1/16 inch counts)
  • trying out button making
  • creating a bit of a pattern/ instruction for the classes
  • being more open minded about changing decorative patterns

I started with the button, ages ago I had saved a tutorial on pinterest. That took ages!DSCN9674

There is a shank at the back – sorry for the blurry photo…DSCN9673

Then I cut out a foundation fabric (some sturdy cotton) and chose some nice fabrics for the notebook cover.DSCN9648

I decided to put some decorative hand stitches on the plain fabric. First I marked some diagonal lines with fabric marker (those will evaporate soon!). Then I started stitching. When I got bored with the intricate pattern and just added plain diagonal stitches. It looked a bit plain… so I cut out some pretty shapes and machined them on the empty space. DSCN9676

And then I put it on the notebook! I had to peel the top and bottom at the spiral back, just as you do when you cover school books. I just top-stitched the folded bit down.

Finally, I secured the four folded sides to the wholes in the cardboard of the notebook, so they would stay in place nicely. DSCN9677

And then I put the button and the button loop on! Bingo!!!DSCN9675