This Dog learns a new Trick!

Yeah.. woof… I do! Given that I have 5 quilts on the go (Sssshhh!) and just started this Bowtie jobbie – I should actually not pfaff about with this quilt, I should not hand stitch anything, right? It has to get done in one smooth breath, if I could only sew all the 70 squares together next weekend! That is within the realm of possibilities, since I cut out all pieces last Sunday.

So what I have learnt (ahem… self taught) is that those centre squares in the Bowtie block can be sewn on the machine after all, and how much faster is that! In addition, you don’t see any stitches on the right side either – and that is hard to achieve even with the neatest hand stitching.

This is how it goes:

  1. make cardboard template and align it with the foot of the machine: it indicates where to start sewing the side seam and how much to leave un-sewn for the centre squareDSCN8307
  2. sew all 4 seams
  3. press open 4 seamsDSCN8308
  4. turn back seams to expose centre squareDSCN8309
  5. pin centre square in place Рput pin just through square fabic layer and folded corner fabric layer DSCN8310
  6. at machine: fold block out of the way, sew around centre square sides,  moving from one side to the next, without cutting the thread or lifting the foot of the machine.DSCN8311
  7. press
  8. cut seam allowances

All we need to do now, is add 4 hours to each day to fulfill my creative urges…