A New Project Revisited

It has not taken long for me to work out that my idea of the shell lace for a shawl jacket is not going to work. As Maggie Righetti puts it: “You have to ask the yarn what it wants to be!” 10 shells together look great, but I also hear the knitted fabric singing that it is not elastic enough for a figure hugging shawl jacket. It would just look limp and sad. It also sings a song about being soft but drapy, so it really would like to be a big shawl – and that a simple shape will show off it’s interesting pattern and the variegation in the yarn itself. That really makes sense, I hear you!

What have we learned? Keep it simple. Think before you do. Don’t mess with other people’s lovely design – if you want them, swallow your pride and just knit them as they are (people have given their design a lot of thought…).

But here is a happy chappy, James looks like a Buddha in Nirvana – a new jumper for Teddy; Teddy in his lap and a yummy meat pie in his hand! It looks to me that Teddy either needs serious foot surgery or some decent socks.