Adventure in the Snow Country

Christmas seems long time ago now… there was so much anticipation, preparation, and we spent a very joyful day here at our house with 3 generations. Some stayed in their chairs, some disregarded the thunderstorm and cooled off in the pool. DSCN9356DSCN9396

Parallel to “doing Christmas” we prepared for our trip to the Snow Country. I made lists to account for each sachet of Tuna, each tea bag… dehydrated meals and so forth… Patrick studied maps, put all the camping gear out and checked it and off we went. It took 6 hours in the car to Charlotte Pass, we walked about 4 km to find a suitable place to set up camp in the wild.DSCN9402 DSCN9406 DSCN9430

It was beautiful – sunny in the evening… and sunny in the morning, …

DSCN9406sheltered by big boulders.

DSCN9435We had chicken satay soup… yum.

DSCN9414 DSCN9416DSCN9431People found ways to relax.

DSCN9441The sunset was magnificent. So was the sunrise.

DSCN9410 DSCN9462 DSCN9476 DSCN9490 DSCN9496   DSCN9517And off to Mt Kosciuszko…

DSCN9506DSCN9505We left our packs behind to check out Ramshead. And only 5 months ago we had been coming up this very chairlift enjoying the deep snow!!!DSCN9475

DSCN9514 DSCN9515We saw Brumbies. And hares. And deer.

DSCN9518 DSCN9523 DSCN9535 DSCN9542 DSCN9543 DSCN9550 DSCN9560We found shelter next to Seamen’s hut. That’s were we had dinner in the evening. (Rehydrated Spag Bol, if you must know :)). Thank God for the hut. Around 11pm there was a gale blowing. The ranger told us the following day that it was 102km/ph… the tents were flattened and we relocated into the hut.

DSCN9597 DSCN9601 DSCN9602So we woke up after a very restless nights sleep.

DSCN9609And this is what we found outside the hut. Clouds. And both tents slashed.

DSCN9630 DSCN9633 DSCN9634So we packed up and walked back to the car. After 2 nights. Still feels like weeks, having really been out in the open, taking in all that infinite beauty  DSCN9516DSCN9567

… under the big blue sky… making me feel so beautifully insignificant…DSCN9636