Proudly Presenting: All sorts of things

I have knitted a lot and the process seems to be at least as interesting as the result. With everything going on in this household I have not kept up with posting nice pictures each time something is finished. These pics are not brilliant, but you will get the idea!DSCN7741 DSCN7743 DSCN7744

First of all: Silken Scabbard by Jennifer Hansen.

Very clever design: knitted top down the neckline is very 50s and those cables are a wonderful design feature as well as a great tool to shape the fitted jumper. I used ancient yarn which is 51% Camel and 49% wool. Some more pictures found here.

DSCN7737 DSCN7738 DSCN7739DSCN7754Then there is Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer.

This jumper is also knitted top down and it features the amazing contiguous sleeves: once the shoulder is completed, one knits back and front pieces and set in sleeves all at once. Magic. There are a few things I altered in my version. Since my gauge was different, my stripes didn’t match: back neck stripe was blue, front neck stripe was grey. So, who says you cannot change color within the one neckline? Exactly, so I did blue in the front and grey in the back… Also, I used a 2:2 rib everywhere and tailored the jumper at the waist. It is so nice to wear this! The beginnings of the project are written up here.

Finally: DSCN7746Patrick’s Grey Shawl Collar Jumper by ME! I have shared the finished product already here, but now it’s complete with pouch and teenager stuck in it.

But wait, there is more: Currently I am knitting ‘Celtica’ by Drops Design found here and here is a sneaky preview of the beginnings.

DSCN7756And finally – a great source of happiness and fun: my new …