Lions ready to roar

Let he story about he lions continue… I finished the last post with four finished lion faces.

I had the shapes of the individual mane pieces cut only roughly, as I sewed them, I used the pattern piece for a template. And I tried not not muddle them all up…

Shapes cut with a tiny seam allowance and turned to the right side.

Then I turned my attention to the ears! White patch pinned to ear pieces.

Zigzagged all patches to the ears. Cut brown away from the back.

Ears sew, turned, stitched to face: Mark with pins, then machine.

All the mane pieces tacked to the face before machining – it was all too thick to use pins.

The seam that joins front and back of the hood marked and sewn.

Edges overlocked and front hem turned and machined.

Face pinned to finished hood and attached by hand.

Neckline marked, cut, overlocked, machined.

Hood pinned and machined to body.

Tail and belt sewn, turned, tip of tail stitched to tail, tail machined to body.

This shot is great: lions neatly folded and packed up, ready to go!!!

And on a quiet suburban street, in the garage of the house in front of which all the trucks are parked, I set up a mobile workshop to finish the size of the bodies after a quick fitting on the starlets.

It seems to work! Cut, overlock and hem!

On my way home, a quick stop at Bilgola Beach, washing off all that preoccupation with work and looking forward to some quiet time.




So I have been getting on with it. Losing my mobile (thus all my phone contacts sice no – nothing was backed up), putting strange things in the bin (… That didn’t belong there at all…), on Wednesday I noticed my concentration wasn’t so good, and I started having pains in the neck, back, head. Thursday I found myself at lunchtime in a sorry state since I had stared at the computer for 4 hours with very little to show for. So I went to the doctor and she thought I was physically ok, but very stressed. Yeah, definitely. Amazingly, I have taken it easy. Not worked on the weekend… I think apart from being stressed about the accident, I have been stressing about falling behind with stuff… So – plenty of knitting on the verandah, dog walking, visiting Jo in her new URBAN environment… Sleeping, watching movies with the kids… Also a little sewing- for myself! I promised the TAFE girls to do a skirt on Tuesday, because I found this tutorial in one of my sewing books on how to whip up circular skirts/ wrap skirts, all without pattern! Yesss… I have left it on the stand for now, for the hem to drop because there is obviously a lot of sections on the bias. I bought this fabric in Berwick St, London – whilst I was buying fabric for a show – and that was BEFORE I got married!!! image


Birdie in the making!

There has been some good activity in the shed today! Esther and Frances have started to make ‘Birdie’ from Fiona Dalton’s wonderful book. Here they are ironing and cutting… and then they ran into the garden and played with water for ages. And they are still at it. Birdie will have to go into a spare shoe box and we will continue her next weekend!

I have bound the Flowerpower quilt! It looks amazing. Just another few flowers to quilt and then I will do something special with the border – I have found already a nice idea. I love it when an item develops organically like this and I am 1/2 step ahead of myself.

And I will start on Rebecca’s seamless cable cardigan (got the needles out and printed my pattern) and found some lovely lace patterns for her scarf. It will come in handy to have some knitting – the mornings in the pool require me to have a small size project, lugging that huge quilt around is not what I call ‘handy’.

And here is the picture of our dog shed!