Thank God SOMETHING works well!


The good news is: top down set in sleeves work, they work for me… they are such a nice fit. And the other really neat thing is though there is a bit of initial complication to get the project going – you need to have your wits about in every row – once you have reached the underarm stage… sweet… you just go round and round in circles until body and sleeves are done to the cuff… The bad news: I will start again, yes, 3rd time lucky, I do hope. This is just a tiny bit too big on Patrick… never mind, another chance to refine the pattern.


Here is a shot with the garment lying flat – you see how I have increased the armhole stitches on the body and started the jolly round and round knitting… I then paused and knitted the sleeve head again: I picked up all the increased armhole stitches from the body in one row and then I knitted short rows across the sleeve head (back and forth/ knit and purl) increasing the right amount of stitches per row (just as I did for the underarm on the body) and then I started my jolly round and round knitting.