Double Wedding Ring

I left my knitting at Fabia’s last night. HOW could that have happened??? I think I was just mesmerized by little Babs, an orphened baby possum who stops by for dinner every night. We fed her with carrot and pear… and I just was lost in the moment by the sight of her. So, NO pictures of my knitting progress, no pictures of happy dogs in the creek. HOW do people take pictures of their happy dogs on walks? Mine don’t stand still! So here is another obui (acronym for old but unfinished item; I decided I am wasting far too much space on words in this blog, it’s all about eye catching photos!).

A Double Wedding Ring – I will get nice navy linen to fill in the gaps. Just after I finish Flowerpower.

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And hey –  I am really turning anti-stash… may be I just have too many skeletons (obui’s) in the cupboard… I start to think that that might be the case… just take a look at Zigo Zago… ooohhh  aaaah, pang pang pang…