Woolly business

I have been jumping the gun, chatting about my most famous knits… here I am going back a bit, continuing with the show and tell.

These yarns I dyed many years ago with my mother, we spent the summer in our cottage in Sweden. I cannot recall what natural dyes we used, apart from onion skin and indigo. But we got just about every shade in the rainbow covered, as you can see. It was a real wool and cotton fest, we would have dyed nearly 10 kg of yarns, and you will see some of the knits resulting from this in my future posts.

My knitting projects are progressing smoothly and I am planning ahead of what to do next… what a great feeling, not to be snowed under with UFOs (un-finished-objects). I hear there is a yarn sale on in town – how nice not to have to rush out and stash up… I will think for another day or two… Looking at these yarns makes me want to embark on another indigo project, the shades of blue are just so wonderful! This little jumper I made for my daughter two years ago from the last balls of cotton.