Möbius – take THREE

Have a quick look before I unravel it for the 2nd time and cast on for the 3rd. I may have to drink more Flensburger to make it work. This is going to be a German Double Fabric Möbius… my aunt kindly bought the yarn in a lovely shop in a small town near her holiday cottage – I would have never picked such daring colors for myself!

The first day in Berlin went swimmingly – boy it was pouring down with rain!

We got up and thought – nice day for a sightseeing tour by bike! And then it started to drizzle and we thought, hm, let’s go to the internet cafe until this is over. And then it started to pour down like …. and we thought, hhhmmmm, let’s get umbrellas and mount a bus hop on hop off type sightseeing tour. And we did.

But let me first show your our top appartment in Charlottenburg.

And then a photo of Vincent enjoying his first curry wurst. We hopped off the bus as the rain cleared and walked through the amazing Holocaust memorial and the museum situated underneath.

We had a nice siesta at home and when we got second wind, we got on the Underground and went back to Kreuzberg to see the Topography of Terror exhibition. I read that it is best to go at night to avoid the crowds, and since it is still light until 10 pm… no dramas! Enough history, enough sad history and gutwrenching images for one day, but really pleased how interested Vincent is and how he takes it all in.