Dhalia’s international travel and my date with a handsome musician

Rebecca has sent some wonderful photos from New York – Josephine wondered “how on earth can she stand in the middle of the road without being run over?” – well, she is amazing!

I think I got the sizing right (phew!!!) and am pleased with the color – which looked very drab on myself! I love the photos, apart from the fact that Bec looks happy, that the cardigan fits, I love the yellow taxis! And the “tuck – in” version of wearing this is definitely preferable to the wearing it open (won’t even bother to post a pic with it being open).

Now – just to mention what happens to me when I am starved of knitting time. I go into a total knitting frenzy not long after, as a result… not so good… I have been working on three projects simultaneously and knitted many hours during an all day training session today… ouch, my hands are actually aching. Wait for the next post – hopefully two projects can be presented as finished!

And the last bit of news, I cannot help but feeling the urge of really having to post this one … I have a date to the movies with this guy tonight (what a show off, sorry).


Voila, loving husband, dedicated father of my children, beekeeper, scoutmaster, mender of all things broken, creator of many things beautiful, outside the square contemplator and master of the electronic and the double bass… did I leave something out?